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Operating since 1993, Jay at Animal Damage Control (ADC) will ensure you get the best and most effective service available.

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  • Full inspections
  • Traps
  • Daily visits
  • Relocation of animals
  • Service calls
  • Protection plans

ADC can offer full inspections of animal damage, tracks, and evidence of animals. The appropriate traps will be set up. How many? As many as you would like. Jay will visit every day to check the traps, and once the animals are caught, they will be relocated where possible. If you have credit on your account, Jay will make service calls for free. And if you have chronic issues with animals, Jay can set up a protection plan for long-term protection against animal damage.


Jay Stewart is a Colorado Native who has served his community since 1993, however, he has over fifty years of trapping experience. Since he opened his business, Animal Damage Control, he has caught over 150,000 animals, including coyotes, foxes, skunks, racoons, rabbits, squirrels, muskrats, beavers, and porcupines. He is currently the only wildlife service to obtain trapping exemption permits through the Tri-County Health Department, and specializes in coyote control.

“I believe that wildlife is a valuable resource that should be appreciated, respected, and managed. I believe that people have the right to protect their property, pets, families, and health from wildlife damage and disease.”     – Jay Stewart


We had a skunk living under our deck. Jay set four traps around our property in places the skunk had visited. He checked the traps every morning and kept us informed about his progress. Within a week the skunk was caught and removed without it spraying. He also advised us on ways we could critter-proof the space under our deck. Overall he was very professional and friendly.

- Claude

Jay and his his two sons were incredibly prompt, professional and knowledgeable about how to address the problem on my farm. They set approx. 30 live traps and were there daily to attend to them, catching what we believe to be all of the rabbits, and a couple of skunks, over a 15 day period. I found them to be very trustworthy and conscientious on the property, as well as caring for the live release of the rabbits on property licensed to receive wildlife in the Elizabeth area. I would highly recommend Jay and his family.

- Reagan


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