Full Inspections

Locate an animal’s entry point to your home. Use of specialized traps ensure the humane capture and removal/relocation of skunks, raccoons, beavers, muskrats, foxes, and coyotes. 

Trap Set Up and Daily Visits

Humane traps will be arranged in areas that the animals like to frequent, and Jay at ADC will make frequent visits until the animals are caught.

Wildlife Removal and Relocation

Captured wildlife will be trapped, transported, relocated, released safely, healthy and substantially far enough away to prevent return.

Service Calls

If you notice damage to your yard or house, hear critter noises, or spot animals on your property that could cause future issues, Jay is one call away. If you have credit on your account from a previous experience, Jay can make service calls for free.

Protection Plans

Do you have a chronic animal problem? For those with animals that are continually attracted to an area, Jay can arrange a protection plan to cover your current and future issues.

Contact Jay at ADC by using the form below, or calling 303-884-9100 to help your wildlife issue!

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